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Spirit Release

Spirit Release is a special tecnique that is different from all of the other hypnotherapeutic methods that we may use together. This method is based on the concept that people sometimes have energies connected to them that are separate from them yet still affecting them. These energies may be the spirits of those who have died and have not yet moved into the Light, or they may be more disruptive energies. These energies can affect a person by creating unhealthy patterns of behavior or emotional responses, obsessive thought patterns, or elusive physical issues.

Sadly, attached energies are more common today than many people like to believe. Since ancient times most societies have openly discussed spirits, have had elaborate rituals around death to help spirits move on, as well as using healing practices which consider the spiritual side of illness. In modern times our society has changed it's focus to science, the concept of "proof" and a strong emphasis on the material world. This has allowed many people to be open to and suffer from spirit attachment without having awareness of it or a way to dialogue about their experiences.

I practiced hypnotherapy for many years unaware of the concepts surrounding spirit attachment and also did not "believe" in such things. I learned about spirit attachment during my training for Life Between Lives regression and was immediately confronted with it in subsequent sessions with clients. I found it necessary to educate myself about methods of spirit release and soon my own beliefs and ideas changed. I also had to recognize and release my own attachments while cultivating ways of protecting my energy field. Since I began practicing spirit release with clients I have found that it is much more common than one would expect, and it is also often one of the most effective and efficient treatments I offer. I have learned through experience that spirit release is frequently necessary before doing other spiritual work such as Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives regression as it is important to recognize spirits as separate from the client and avoid doing therapeutic work on a spirit while mistaking it for the past of life of a client.

It is unnecessary to 'believe' in spirits to do this work. The method of release is a relatively simple technique that generally flows quite smoothly. It is different from all of the other hypnotherapy techniques that I use because only time that I am part of the dialogue. We focus on physical sensations and the role of the client is to simply say the first thing that comes to mind. It is a loving and safe process that is helpful for all involved. During the process we also learn about why the client was open to the attachment and address this using other hypnotherapeutic techniques. Lastly we focus on methods for protecting the energy field once it is cleared. Spirit release can bring about a great deal of relief in a short amount of time and can free one from stuck emotional, mental and physical patterns. It is especially helpful for anxiety related issues. Spirit Release is available as a one time session and if we find it unnecessary than we can use other hypnotherapy techniques to address any issues.

Indications of Possible Interference:

Feelings of "stuckness" or being blocked

Pain or physical sypmptoms that seems to move or have no detectable cause

Consistent "chattering" in the mind that leads to an inablity to relax or be focused

Feeling generally physically cold

Poor memory that often leads to confusion

A sense of always being watched

Chronic low energy

Feeling detached or as though you are often watching yourself from the outside

A history of trauma or abuse







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