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Self Hypnosis Training

Self hypnosis is an incredible tool for transformation. It is similar to meditation except that it is easier and more fun! Instead of using ridgid techniques to "clear your mind" or "focus on your breathing" self hypsnosis allows you to simply lay down, relax, and let your imagination wander while you listen to a recording. It has all of the benefits of meditation without the stress of any particular posture or teaching.

There are many self hypnosis recordings available on the internet but few of them will be as effective as a recording you make for yourself. When you write and record your own self hypnosis session you personalize it in a way that no one else can do. You can include suggestions that resonate with your personality and your preferences. As your interests shift and change you can build a personal library that addresses exactly the issues the affect you the most.

Many people have a DIY approach to their problems and self hypnosis is a great tool for this. But it is not a replacement for work with a trained hypnotherapist. In my opinion, a good hypnotherapist is one who is doing more with you than just giving you positive suggestions (because you can do that yourself or with a recording.) A hypnotherapy session deals with deeper issues and involves speaking while under hypnosis. These sessions may include exploring the subconsious, finding the root causes of issues, releasing blocks, and connecting with your Self in new ways. In other words, hypnotherapy sessions are for understanding and resolving issues, while self hypnosis is for building up the person you want to be. Just like building a house, you must have a strong and stable foundation before you can build the upper floors.

Because I found myself giving a similar lecture again and again to individual clients I decided to move the training online. That way even more people can access and learn this valuable skill.

The training includes three 35 minute videos and also a 30 minute phone or Skype session with me to ask any questions you might have. You can choose to speak with me right after watching the lectures, or once you have started writing your script, whenever works best for you.

Upon payment you will immediately be sent a link to access the videos. When you are ready for your 30 minutes Skype session simply book the session through your bookeo account. The complete program is $60.

Purchase the Self Hypnosis Training Package