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Hypnosis Downloads

I have chosen to provide all of my downloads on a donation basis. I strongly believe in the power of these recordings and that it is most important at this time to put as much positive energy into the world as possible. It is free to play or download any mp3, and you do not have to give any information to do so. Other hypnosis websites charge $15 a download, so please donate something if you have the ability to do so. I also offer online video sessions where we can do a customized session that you are welcome to record. Just go to my booking page to book an online session.

Introductory Hypnosis

An enjoyable 20 minute session to get you used to what hypnosis feels like.

Grounding Cord

This 10 minute mp3 is a technique for grounding and releasing built up energy.


This hypnosis mp3 is for those who procrastinate or otherwise manage time poorly. This is a 30 minute hypnosis which leaves you feeling motivated to be an active participant in your life.

Deep and Restful Sleep

Whether you have difficulty sleeping often or only occasionally this recording will help you. It is a full 55 minutes long and incorporates tried and true techniqes along with soothing voice and real ocean waves. The more you listen to it the easier it will be to drift off to sleep.

Self Empowerment

This hypnosis is focused on helping those who put others before themselves and have a hard time addressing their own needs. Healthy eating choices and exercise are addressed as well as other self care techniques. This recording is kept short at 18 minutes for parents on the go. Instantly relaxing and very effective.

Sound Structure

This recording is for those who have back pain or other pains relating to the physical structure of the body. It is focused on building a strong foundation in the body that allows freedom of movement and flexibility. 30 minutes.

Self Balance

The focus of this hypnosis is balancing all this different parts of our selves: the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual. There is an emphasis on each part supporting the other parts during times of change. This 30 minute recording boosts stability and security.


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