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What will a session be like?

At the beginning of your session we will discuss the reason you came and make sure that we both believe hypnotherapy can create the change you want. If for any reason either of us decides at this time that hypnotherapy is not appropriate for your situation we can suspend the session and there will be no charge. After that I will ask for some background information relating to your situation. One of the great things about hypnotherapy is that there is very little need for "analysis" of the past and instead we will concentrate on creating the future you want. Together we will decide on which type of hypnotic techniques will be most effective and efficient for you.

After our discussion we will have a short session to introduce you to the wonderful feeling of hypnosis. During the hypnotic session you will close your eyes and relax your body. I will lead you into a hypnotic state through the use of my voice and other easy to follow cues. After the session you will have a short readjustment period before leaving and then you can look forward to your next visit.