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Regression is a technique often used in hypnosis to find the root cause of an issue. During a regression we go back to memories within your earlier life and childhood to find the reasons for certain perceptions or behaviors. The subconsious holds the keys to many memories which are inaccesible to the conscious mind. Within hypnosis we ask the subconscious to bring up memories which relate to a specific feeling or issue. The subconscious chooses an appropriate memory which relates to that emotion or habit. Any memory you visit will be safe and appropriate, chosen by you and your own subconscious; I never suggest to visit a particular memory. There are also techniques available to remain emotionally detached if necessary. Once back at a memory we use dialogue and imagination to resolve and release the emotions and misperceptions associated with this memory.

Most people feel nervous when considering visiting their past, this is a normal and understandable response. We all have had difficult times. But the reason to do so is to release the patterns which we still carry from those times. Once we get in touch with the part of ourself that experienced those difficulties we are able help them to not feel so alone and to move beyond that experience. With this new connection we then integrate this past self into our older and wiser self.

For those who do not wish to visit the past Parts Therapy is a great alternative. But for those brave souls who do, there is great healing and relief available.