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Parts Therapy is a very easy hypnotic technique that enahnces communication with the subconscious mind. Parts Therapy is based on the concept that our personality is composed of an infinite number of various parts. We all experience this each day when we notice a conflict within ourselves. Perhaps you are out to eat and one part of you wants to order dessert while another part knows that you will feel too full if you do and even another part of you thinks you shouldn't spend the extra money. The idea behind Parts Therapy is that, within hypnosis, we let these parts form into their own beings that look their own way, have their own voice and even have their own name or title.

Previous to hypnosis we set a goal together as well as discuss the parts of yourself which relate to your situation. Then, within hypnosis, we have a meeting between the parts. Within this meeting the parts are able to communicate directly, come to new understandings of each other, negotiate, interact, and even transform. My role as hypnotherapist is simply to mediate the conversation between the parts. Any resolutions, negotiations, or decisions toward reaching your goal are made from within your inner self. This is the strength and uniqueness of this process: rather than simply receiving positive suggestions from me, you are empowered to create your own solutions. These solutions are not only more personal, but also easier to accept because both your conscious and subconscious mind agree upon them.